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May 29, 2014

Madrid lost the Olympics bid for attacking Gibraltar

If you carry on with these border queues we will make sure you don’t get the Olympic Games” said PM David Cameron to the head of the Spanish Regime, Mariano Rajoy.

     “The great disappointment“, shouted the front page of El Mundo newspaper, while ABC said “Goodbye to the Olympic dream“. Madrid came in a surprising third place behind Istanbul and winners Tokyo despite being tipped as the favourite in the lead-up to the bid last September. During Madrid’s final presentation in Buenos Aires, Spanish Olympic Committee President Alejandro Blanco fielded a set of difficult questions from British IOC delegate Adam Pengilly, according to online sports website Inside the Games. The day before the host city election, thousands of Spaniards filled the streets around the Puerta de Alcalá in the heart of Madrid, high on the hopes of victory, with big screens expected to beam in good news from Buenos Aires. But the party atmosphere dampened as the rain started to fall, with Madrid unceremoniously booted out in the first round, silencing the crowd, and sending them home, or to drown their sorrows.

   British Member of the European Parliament Sir Graham Watson, a Liberal Democrat, reportedly told the Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation: “Indeed I am told that PM (David) Cameron actually said to the Spanish Prime Minister (Mariano Rajoy), ‘If you carry on with these border queues we will make sure you don’t get the Olympic Games.” But a spokesperson for David Cameron’s government has dismissed Watson’s comments, claiming the UK “did not favour any of the three finalists over others, and there was absolutely no UK attempt to influence any of the bids“.

   Tensions between the UK and Spain flared in July 2013 when the Spanish Regime, trying to create a smokescreen to divert attention from its economic problems, started a fear campaign against the people of Gibraltar and surrounding area, with military incursions in Gibraltar territorial waters by the Spanish Guardia Civil, one of the many militarized forces that supported the fascist General Franco’s regime.

January 26, 2014

“Defenders of Gibraltar” meet with the “National Commitee for the Freedom of Ceuta & Melilla”

  This past weekend, members of the committee of the DoG were invited to meet with Yahya Yahya, a Moroccan Senator and President of the Committee for the Freedom of Ceuta and Melilla. This relationship has been the fruit of the committees hard work and labour to establish contacts around the world and is one of many to come.



January 18, 2014

“We don’t want Gibraltar back” said the Spanish king in 1983…will he be able to keep that promise?

 The Monarch chosen by General Franco as his successor as Head of State, admitted in a private conversation with the then British ambassador to Madrid, Richard Parsons, that “it was not to the advantage of Spain to recover Gibraltar” newly declassified documents from the 1980s released by the Foreign Office reveal.”If it did so, King Hassan would immediately reactivate the Moroccan claim of Ceuta and Melilla,” Parsons said in a telegram he sent to the Foreign Office in London on September 7, 1983.        gibraltar

Details of the meeting were released last week by the National Archives in Kew as part of a swathe of secret government papers declassified under the 30-year rule and are likely to cause some discomfort after a year that saw Spain’s government reiterate calls for talks over sovereignty.The king had made the statements “with a burst of his usual frankness”, the ambassador said.    jc

At the time of the meeting, Spain was negotiating its entry into what was then the European Economic Community (EEC), the forerunner of the European Union.
The border between Spain and British-held Gibraltar was shut in 1969 by the Franco regime and only partially opened in 1982. Spain opened the border completely in 1985, a year before it joined the EEC.

According to the telegram, the king “accepted that the opinions of the (Gibraltarian) population must be respected” in the debate over its future — putting him at odds with the Spanish government’s position which was to press for direct talks between London and Madrid.
The king also agreed that “Gibraltar was an emotional issue and we must be sensitive towards public opinion and to the demands of national interests“, Parsons wrote.

At the time King Juan Carlos urged “confidential talks” over Gibraltar be conducted between the two foreign ministries to ensure Spain’s path into what was then the European Economic Community was not upended over the issue.

January 3, 2014

Illegal Spanish incursions into Gibraltar territorial waters increases by 2,000 per cent in just two years

  It is the highest number of incursions on record, even when General Franco ruled Spain and blockaded Gibraltar. Perhaps the change of Government in past elections has something to do with this new agressive policy of the Spanish regime against UK?
The astonishing increase has lead Jim Dobbin, chairman of Parliament’s All Party Group on Gibraltar, to call for a Royal Navy frigate to be permanently stationed at the Rock to deter further incursions. Figures released by the Foreign Office show Spanish state vessels illegally entered British-controlled waters 496 times in 2013 – up from 23 in 2011.

The Ministry of Defence said it is committed to challenging “unlawful incursions” into Gibraltar waters, and will “monitor the situation.”
Mr Dobbin said: “With all these incursions, there’s the danger that some mad ship captain will do something stupid.They should put a Royal Navy frigate in there to act as a deterrent.” A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: “The Royal Navy has assets based in Gibraltar able to challenge unlawful incursions into British Gibraltar Territorial Waters by Spanish state vessels and we remain committed to doing so”.

December 24, 2013

Madrid’s biggest fear:unity at both sides of the border

 We may be different, but we all have now the same menace over our heads: the double faces of the Government of Madrid. A regime with no respect at all for the democratic will of thousands of gibraltarians, and a regime with no respect for human rights when there are no cameras recording.

December 20, 2013

Spain blocks aids for typhoon victims

 Spanish officials at the border town of La Linea stopped the truck, saying they were unable to give authorisation for the food – which was mainly tinned or in packets – to be moved within the European Union.
MPs accused the Spanish authorities of creating yet more hassle for Gibraltarians, as part of the dispute with Britain over sovereignty of the Rock.
Tory MP Andrew Rosindell said: ‘The Spanish are behaving in a hateful fashion.
‘We are fast reaching a point where Britain will have no choice but to show Madrid – in a drastic way – that their behaviour will not be tolerated.’

A British MP has accused Spain of acting in a ‘hateful fashion’ after it stopped a truck loaded with aid for the victims of the Philippines typhoon from leaving Gibraltar.
The vehicle, carrying food, blankets and clothes, was heading to the Spanish port city of Algeciras, where its container was to have been loaded on to a ship bound for Manila.
The supplies had been collected by a Gibraltar charity at jumbles sales, and were to be given to families left homeless by Typhoon Haiyan.

November 21, 2013

Killing British Citizens and other things you can learn at Spanish schools

   The barbarism inside the Spanish Regime seems to have no limits. Check out this video about a theatre play in a school in Zaragoza (Spain) where pupils perform a simulated invasion of Gibraltar, killing all men, women and children they found on their way…real creepy stuff where you can see children performing as “guardia civiles” (one of the military corps that supported General Franco in his 40 years of terror) killing innocent people for fun under the supervision of their teachers.

September 13, 2012

The Bunkering interests of Minister Arias Cañete in the UK overseas territory of Gibraltar

After some ambiental issues (Large areas of land were burnt in several arsons that the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment could not hold for lack of resources due to budget cuts) Spanish Minister for Agriculture Miguel Arias Cañete is again at the centre of controversy after the reports that his family is linked to the Gibraltar Rock’s bunkering business.

Canete and his work colleague, Mary Pains from Cospedal

The matter has drawn political attention after Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Garcia Margallo’s remarks last week that “the Spanish Government would regulate bunkering activities and implement other environmental protection measures in its EU approved nature protection (SCI) site in local waters“, itself the subject of a diplomatic row and legal challenge by Britain and Gibraltar in Europe.

September 13, 2012

Gibraltar National Day: what is all about

A short video with a brief explanation about Gibraltar’s most important day of the year.

Will ever be possible for us spaniards and for people of Gibraltar live in peace without Madrid’s Government inferences? I hope so, bro..