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May 24, 2014

FIFA declares war to brazilian people

 When football is more important than healthcare or education

The World Cup will cost Brazilian taxpayers USD 11 billion.That’sthe heart ofthe problem. In places like Spain people pay and shout their mouth when God Football, and FIFA as his prophet, asks them something. SO what’s wrong with brazilian people? Don’t they like football? What’s this nonsense about “jobs”, “education”, or “healthcare”?  The demonstrations were initially organized to protest against increases in bus, train, and metro ticket prices in some Brazilian cities,but then they grew to include other issues such as the high corruption in the government and police brutality used against some demonstrators. By June 2013, the movement had grown to become Brazil’s largest since the 1992 protests against former President Fernando Collor de Mello.This is the most contested Cup ever: in 10 major cities there are 5 protests a day, and they will keep growing as FIFA’s event in June approaches. Strikes by workers, professors, doctors and social employees are relentless all over Brazil. The state of Brazil spends hundreds of millions to repress the protests and has employed the most criminal methods.brazil-world-cup-prot-640

We are here to protest against the Cup, against the huge spending on the World Cup while we do not have housing or healthcare or anything else,” said Luiz Giovani, a member of the movement.


The protest rally held this Thursday was the latest in a series of demonstrations in recent weeks by the homeless movement. Blackwater (or “Academi”) mercenaries have trained Brazil‘s killer cops for the World Cup, as the government plans to deploy 170,000 armed troops to crackdown on protests and social movements against FIFA. That would be one killer cop for almost every person they’ve evicted from their land and homes for the World Cup’s stadiums or parking lots.
The march was peaceful as it passed through a major commercial district of Brazil’s largest city.Banners carried by demonstrators included some that said “FIFA go home“, in reference to football’s world governing body.
The most visible protests in the past days were in a favela near the Copacabana, where cops executed two young men and in the north of Rio where cops also killed another woman. The video linked here documents how the military police kill in Brazil. In the past 10 days, cops assassinated 5 young men and one woman standing up in front of cops’ bullets aimed to kill her 10 year old grandson. Since the beginning of this year, one poor person has been killed almost every day by the military police or the state’s army in the working poor communities in Rio de Janeiro alone

May 19, 2014

Dale de Tacón, la iniciativa que da voz femenina al periodismo deportivo

el circo futbolístico no es sólo un negocio de hombres: cualquier mujer inteligente puede sacar tajada, de hecho ya hay muchas haciéndolo

September 11, 2012

The Spanish Regime will ask for more money to buy more referees*

    We need them to win more football matches, we need to raise the morale of our people, and football is always the shortest way. Please, lend us more money to buy more football stars and more corrupt referees. We promise to use your own european money against your football teams, this is the magic of our concept of the European Union. You lend us money, we use that money to win more championships against your teams and later, much later, we will give your money back, ok? So come on, let’s build this Europe TOGETHER: you, the Germans, you put the money, and we, the Spanish, we put the art, isn’t it fair enough?..
Footbal is like that…

* is this a story or a fact?