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September 17, 2012

“Bye Bye Hopita!”: Countess Hope Aguirre says goodbye to Madrid Regional Government

She leaves PP Government in its darkest hour in the history of Spain. Many say the fake sentimentality in her statement is intended only to benefit the “Partido Popular” in the upcoming elections in Galicia and the Basque Country. Countess Hope Aguirre’s popularity was at its lowest point. Less than a week ago, Hopey was attacked by a housewife with a “deadly” tupperware.

1 Countess Hope Aguirre stroking her hair – 2 wearing a helmet – 3 protesting against IVA – 4 praying to Allah – 5 waving her abanico – 6 simply smiling

As Countess and Grandee of Spain, Hopey will have no problem to live with the high standard of living she likes

September 17, 2012

Police terror in Madrid: Dozens of people “preventively arrested”

   Today hundreds of people have been identified again while they were gathered at a meeting to coordinate the event. “The arrest of peaceful demonstrators is part of the strategy of tension and criminalization of the mobilization by the government” said today the Member of Parliament Dr Gaspar LLamazares.

   This afternoon they’ve met again the police. Two vans have come to the Retiro park, where a meeting was being held, to cordon off the dozens of attendees and identify them with charges of “unlawful assembly“.

September 16, 2012

Próximas reuniones (última semana)

Estamos en la última semana y os pedimos colaboración en la preparación de la acción. Estas son las próximas citas.

  • Miércoles 19: reunión del grupo de Acción, a las 18h en el Patio Maravillas (c/ Pez, 21).
  • Miércoles 19: rueda de prensa (hora y lugar por confirmar).
  • Miércoles 19: reunión conjunta de los grupos Comunicación y Contenidos, a las 19h en Cruce (c/ Doctor Fourquet, 5).
  • Jueves 20: reunión de grupo de Acción con asambleas y otros colectivos que estén interesados en participar en las actividades y acciones dentro del Rodeo al Congreso, a las 19h en plaza de las Descalzas.
  • Sábado 22 y domingo 23: asamblea de la Coordinadora, a las 11h junto al Palacio de Cristal del Retiro.

La Coordinadora no es el único espacio que está en ello, podéis mirar la lista de colectivos que apoyan y cómo participar si no estáis en Madrid. Necesitamos sobre…

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September 16, 2012

Another mass demonstration against budget cuts and government lies

When Mariano came to power, he did it by promising a few changes in the situation of Spain. Noting new in political’s behaviour until now. The problem is that from the very beginning he started to do exactly the opposite of what he has promised hundred on times before winning the presidency. Now many social organizations in Spain claim this has been all planned: Partido Popular won the elections consciously lying about their real intentions. The proof is that the country is much worse than when PP came to power, and most of the actual situation is due to their decisions, even they’re still blaming last President (ZP) for the decisions he made, when the truth is since PP is in Government they’ve managed to do it worse than ZP (if that was posible..)

Madrid 09/15/2012

Yesterday, workers and unemployed people from all across Spain gathered in the capital, Madrid, to demonstrate against government lies, and asking for a referendum to decide if the country needs(or not) to ask for a bailout. The controversy is even at the level of the disagreement about how many people went to the manifestation: the Spanish Regime says no more than 70.000 people, when sources from the police and the conveners talked about several hundreds of thousands of protesters. The protesters included police, firemen, social workers, public servants, unemployed people, teachers,health workers etc…they came from all across Spain in dozens of buses prepared for the event. In a country with a democratic tradition as brief as Spain, a referendum on this issue (or about the territorial conflicts in Catalonia and the Basque Country) could do much to improve coexistence. The problem is that this is not at all a priority for the Spanish Regime.

Several people were arrested during the demonstration yesterday

September 16, 2012

Ricky Gervais in “Derek”: the depths of emotional intelligence

Another masterpiece conceived and brought to screen by one of the most talented man nowadays in the whole world (in his matter and in every matter). With just one pilot released, and waiting for a whole season for next year in Channel 4, “Derekdeploys some sort of smart comedy/drama where characters like Derek himself, Hannah (played by Kerry Godliman) or Dougie (played by Karl Pilkington) got a depth not usually seen on TV. The truth is I’m very limited due to my low knowledge of English language to express what I’d like to say about this TV series, so I just can recommend you to give it a try. It’s worth to see it thousands times more than 99’9% of all american TV series (like “Extras”, “The Office”, “Life’s too short” and most things that have came out from Gervais mind).

Pilkington (L) & Gervais(R) in Derek

“I’m not clever or good looking, but I am kind”

Further the controversy generated by the perception of some groups that say it mocks mentally handicapped people, the truth is that, at least in the pilot, they are shown like the human beings with feelings they really are. Gervais has taken “British TV comedies” subgenre to a next level of excellence  (like Monty Python did in their time) and “Derek” is just another step in that way.  I just can’t wait to see the rest of the whole season.

September 16, 2012

“Dora” by Ignacio Minaverry: one of the most interesting GN of this season

Dora, a well written and better drawn graphic novel about a young spy girl during the sixties who becomes a Nazi hunter, has been recently published in Spain by sins entido, at a cover price of 22€. The book’s worth it a reading, Argentine artist Ignacio Minaverry has really managed to compose a beautiful “travels & mistery” tale full of small details and elusive colours, with interesting characters and a well told story.Dora was considered the best Argentine comic of 2009.

September 15, 2012

The tribulations of Mary Pains from Cospedal

Mrs. Mary Pains from Cospedal wearing her mantilla

Her last (populist) proposal has been aproved at the Regional Parliament of Old Castillia. Now the Members of the Parliament will not earn any money for their jobs as the elected charges they are.

That’s not a problem if your husband is one of the richest bussinessmen in town and you live in a 2,300.000€ palace,( like is the case of Mrs. Mary Pains), but for all those people who give up their job to give full time dedication to policy, people start to think that what Mrs. Mary Pains from Cospedal really wants is NO oposition at the Regional Parliament, so nobody will be able to argue about her new regime of private non-free hospitals and private non-free schools. Of course she, and most members of her party, no need any extra payroll, they already earn much more with their own private business, but what’s gonna happen to honest Members of the Parliament?

September 15, 2012

‘The Economist’ blames President Mariano for the delay of Spain in asking for bail-out

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   In an article called “More pain in Spain: waiting for Rajoy”, the financial newspaper blames President Mariano Rajoy for pretending that “Spain may not need a bail-out. Before taking a decision we must see whether it is really necessary,” Perhaps Rajoy is just waiting for the German Constitutional Court’s decisions, but in the meanwhile the country goes deeper into misery and unemployment (been actually the country with highest unemployment rates in the whole world). These Spanish issues have become a cancer in the heart of the European Union, dividing  their members and putting an additional weight on the evolution of the whole European Community. But few Spaniards are fooled. Many talk about a political interest in delaying the decision due to the next elections in the Basque Country, where Spanish nationalists can lose all their influence in the Basque Government in favour of the Basque Democratic parties asking for their independence.

September 15, 2012

Without fear, we support our arrested fellows and we keep on: on Sep 25th we’ll surround the Congress

[En español aquí] [En français ici]

This morning, four companions of the Platform Pie, who came as thousands of people to the demonstration of 15S to support the social demand that was happening in the streets of Madrid, have been detained in the square of Platerías, on the corner of the Paseo del Prado. The detention has taken place at the moment in which the companions unfolded a banner saying “25s Surround the congress ” [motto of demonstration that they convene for September 25th] to join the demo. Without being part of any criminal action, they have been arrested and accused of resistance and disobedience to authority.

From the Coordinating Committe for 25S we condemn these arbitrary police practices encouraged by the Goverment against citizen’s freedom of speech and we consider them an attack to our rights, as preventive detentions are completely unconstitutional.

These detentions are…

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September 15, 2012

The problem of increasing Spanish debt

New figures from the Bank of Spain show that for the first half of 2012, public debt comes in at 75.6% of Gross Domestic Product – the highest it has been in a hundred years. It’s not good news for those affected by the rafts of budget cuts and tax increases brought in by Prime Minister Mariano to address the economic crisis, which have caused thousands to take to the streets in protest.   While President Mariano still hasn’t confirmed it will be necessary, economists believe Spain will soon request that the European Central Bank purchase its bonds.Today the government to attend an informal meeting to discuss the details of such a rescue, and negotiating hard to try and ensure European does not demand it makes more cuts.
Meanwhile Andalucia is preparing to ask the FLA for a rescue of around €2.4 billion, and the Junta (Andalucia’s Regional Government) is said to be requesting the conditions of a bailout before it makes a formal request.The Spanish government has promised its regions will meet their public deficit target of 1.5% of total economic output this year.“The regions are on track to meeting the public deficit agreed by all of them,” said budget minister Cristobal Montoro.