Illegal Spanish incursions into Gibraltar territorial waters increases by 2,000 per cent in just two years

  It is the highest number of incursions on record, even when General Franco ruled Spain and blockaded Gibraltar. Perhaps the change of Government in past elections has something to do with this new agressive policy of the Spanish regime against UK?
The astonishing increase has lead Jim Dobbin, chairman of Parliament’s All Party Group on Gibraltar, to call for a Royal Navy frigate to be permanently stationed at the Rock to deter further incursions. Figures released by the Foreign Office show Spanish state vessels illegally entered British-controlled waters 496 times in 2013 – up from 23 in 2011.

The Ministry of Defence said it is committed to challenging “unlawful incursions” into Gibraltar waters, and will “monitor the situation.”
Mr Dobbin said: “With all these incursions, there’s the danger that some mad ship captain will do something stupid.They should put a Royal Navy frigate in there to act as a deterrent.” A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: “The Royal Navy has assets based in Gibraltar able to challenge unlawful incursions into British Gibraltar Territorial Waters by Spanish state vessels and we remain committed to doing so”.


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