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June 9, 2014

Basque human chain for democracy : another victory for peace

   Tens of thousands of people have joined hands to form a human chain 123 kilometres (76 miles) long in support of democracy and against spanish occupation of the southern basque country. The organizers of  ‘Gure Esku Dago’ (It’s in our hands) initially said that around 50,000 people would be just enough to cover the distance of 123 km. But the turnout went beyond expectations with some reports indicating that more than 150,000 people eventually took part in the campaign.  Demonstrators draped in red-white-and-green Basque flags raised their linked hands as helicopters flew over the line stretching from the city of Durango to Iruña/Pamplona some 76 miles away, crossing the four basque historical territories at the South of the country under Spanish occupation. TV images show how people began to link up at noon Sunday forming a continuous line along a road linking all the southern basque cities:

  A long economic crisis and political corruption scandals have triggered broad public disenchantment with key institutions that anchor the so called “Spain’s democracy”, formed in the 1970s after a long dictatorship. Support for the Spanish nationalists parties, once-dominant in a few basque cities, (the Spanish Socialists and Spanish centre-right People’s Party), has fallen dramatically in , independence movements are resurging again stronger than ever in Catalonia and the Basque Country, and on Saturday thousands marched in Madrid and other cities calling for the abolition of the monarchy that was reinstated in 1975 by Franco’s fascist regime. That same day, while the Spanish institutional mafia was celebrating the day of their gunmen with shots and hails to violence and war, a peacefull army of thousands and thousands of unarmed and democratic basque soldiers won another battle versus Spanish barbarism:

In recent years basque leaders negotiated more tax independence from Spain. Armed pro-independency group ETA, declared unilaterally an end to its armed struggle in 2011 to carve out an independent Basque state from the basque parts of northern Spain and southern France that are now occupied by both states. In 2005 after decades of war, the Spanish parliament rejected a plan for Basque self-determination without even taking it into consideration: any form of democracy in the Basque Country is totally forbidden if that leads to independence from Spain. Basques are only allowed to vote what the Spanish regime let them, nothing more.The Spanish government also rejected recently a proposal on plans for Catalonia to hold a referendum on independence from Spain, telling all catalans and basque citizens that there is no democratic way of leaving Spain behind, only the way used by: Puerto Rico, Colombia, Guinea, Philippines, Netherlands, Portugal, Panama, Sahara, Argentina, Mexico, Gibraltar, Ecuador, Cuba, Costa Rica… all of them countries that once were under Spanish occupation, but they manage to become free. Which way they took? That’s what catalan and basque citizens fighting for democracy should now discover.

June 6, 2014

“Saving Spain From Catalan Split Is Felipe VI’s First Task”

  I think the first thing he will do is trying to convince people he is a democrat that has nothing to do with General Franco, like his father did nearly fourty years ago. And then, living la vida loca with our taxes! Nobody believes this guy is gonna move a finger for democracy in Catalonia

Americans For Catalonia

To this article we say: Letting Catalans Choose Their Own Destiny is Felipe VI’s First Task

Article published at: Bloomberg BusinessWeek – June 3rd.

Among the new Spanish monarch’s most pressing challenges will be holding his kingdom together.

Crown Prince Felipe, 46, who will become Felipe VI after his father Juan Carlos completes the abdication process set in train yesterday, takes the throne just as 7.6 million of his subjects in the region of Catalonia – the first contributor to Spain’s gross domestic product – prepare for a vote on independence this year. Polls suggest the result hangs in the balance.

“The prince needs to talk of integration,” Jose Antonio Gomez Yanez, a professor at the Carlos III university in Madrid, said in a telephone interview. “He has been trying but so far his message hasn’t had much resonance — his position has been secondary to the king’s.”

Full article…

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June 5, 2014

Catalan leader Pujol defends shift in favour of independence

That’s what he should have done when he was in the Government, not supporting the Spanish regime

Americans For Catalonia

Article published at Global Post – June 1st.

Jordi Pujol, long-time former President of Catalonia: “I’ve always been anti-independence, for 60 or more years of my life. And now at the end of it all I see that the conditions in which they want us to live in the Spanish state do not allow us to maintain our identity.” 

For decades Jordi Pujol was the foremost champion of Catalan nationalism, who boosted the powers of the region even as he argued it should remain a part of Spain.

Now the former head of the regional government of Catalonia campaigns vigorously for outright independence, mirroring a shift in mood in the northeastern region of Spain.

“I’ve always been anti-independence, for 60 or more years of my life. And now at the end of it all I see that the conditions in which they want us to live in the Spanish state…

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May 26, 2014

Pro-independence parties win european elections in Catalonia

   ERC, the Left-Wing Catalan Independence Party which has been leading the democratic transition in Catalunya from Spain to democracy, won yesterday the european election in Catalunya. The pro-independence party doubled their last results and it’s again, since 1936, the first political force in the country. ERC leaders have declared that this should be interpreted as support for a democratic vote on self-determination and proof of the pro-European will of the majority of Catalans, with EU membership for an independent Catalonia in mind. These results also mean that the poll that will be celebrated next November is a necessary step for Catalan transition to democracy,because despite the several menaces from the Spanish regime,people in Catalonia want to decide theit future in peace. While Spanish nationalists parties have lost thousands of votes in Catalonia, the parties who actively support the democratic transition to make Catalunya another european state have clearly won this election. Citizens were mobilised and have significantly increased the low 36.94% turnout registered in 2009.

Catalan people say it loud and clear: “Catalunya don’t fear spanish menaces”

   The EU membership of Catalonia after the creation of a free catalan state has become the decisive argument that could stop the growth of independence support. The European Commission has sent contradictory messages in the past two years regarding the independence of Catalonia, the Basque Country or Scotland, their right to hold a vote on self-determination and their potential EU Membership, but the truth is that  several EU experts have stated that an automatic expulsion of any new state born inside an already european member would be a political decision rather than a legal one. Therefore, EU institutions, by siding with the Spanish Government and not supporting Catalonia’s right to self-determination, have taken sides on the issue, thereby making independence an EU topic.


Spanish nationalists have used fear and hate as an electoral weapon, accusing supporters of Catalan independence of “creating tension” and “hate”, despite the self-determination movement in Catalonia being entirely peaceful. The PP has been insisting on this for some months already, in a clear strategy to link Catalan independence and violence.

May 23, 2014

La dispersión del voto de izquierdas beneficiará al PPsoe

   La actual oferta de partidos de izquierda, tanto de nuevo cuño como formaciones “históricas”, que concurren a las elecciones europeas de mayo de 2014 puede terminar perjudicando a la izquierda en general,asi como a practicamente todos estos partidos de forma particular. La Izquierda Plural, L’Esquerra pel Dret a Decidir, Los Pueblos Deciden, Podemos, Primavera Europea, Partido X… sinceramente ¿Tan poca voluntad hay de formar un frente común, una verdadera IZQUIERDA UNIDA, aunque fuera sólo a modo de coalición electoral para no perder votos con la dispersión? Despues cada partido podría haberse arreglado en función de lo que le hubiese tocado, no que de esta forma, muchos de ellos perderán miles de votos que no computarán para un diputado, votos que sumados si podráin significar mucho.

   Si algo ha caracterizado a la derecha nacionalista española en estas últimas décadas ha sido su capacidad para agruparse bajo unas mismas siglas. Bajo el paraguas del PP se cobijan un amplio abanico de tendencias que van desde la tradicional extrema derecha franquista española que también ha sabido mimetizarse con el actual regimen borbónico (cualquiera diría que lo tenían ya todo pensado cuando palmó Franco) hasta los liberales democratas que,historicamente, les han apoyado; pasando por monarquicos, integristas católicos, y, por supuesto, la plana mayor del capitalismo adscrito al regimen que tanto desprecio ha mostrado siempre por cualquier tipo de avances democráticos en los derechos laborales. Después de las elecciones ya ellos se entienden, o no (por eso a veces acaban los ajustes de cuentas a tiros) pero lo que si es cierto es que de esa forma no desperdician ni un voto. En esa estrategia del poli bueno/poli malo entra el PSOE para dar legitimidad al espectáculo: aquí se trata de captar el voto del ciudadano que aun no les ha descubierto el timo, (que siguen siendo muchos), y presentarse como una alternativa, cuando en realidad no lo son: ambos partidos representan 2 papeles distintos en este circo, pero al mismo tiempo que ambos obedecen a los mismos intereses y comparten los mismos objetivos de control de la población al servicio de sus amos corporativos. Es la misma estrategia de infiltración usada en otros paises desde hace décadas y está demostrado que en las democracias bananeras como la nuestra funcionan, asi que ¿por que cambiarlas? Lo cierto es que de esa forma nuestros amos en la bolsa de New York se aseguran ya un buen puñado de votos. Si despues por motivos de la aritmética electoral todos sabemos lo que perjudica la dispersión del voto a los partidos que se ven afectados por ella (de los cuales muchos ni siquiera llegarán a obtener representación) ¿no sería más práctico y eficiente pactar una coalición electoral? y repito, ya despues con los resultados entenderse y repartirse de una forma u otra la representación obtenida, que por lógica (y por aquello de la artimética electoral) será mucho mayor que la que obtendrán los partidos solos por separado. De las formaciones que concurren a las elecciones europeas de mayo de 2014 que menciono antes: La izquierda Plural, Primavera Europea, L’Esquerra pel Dret a Decidir, Los Pueblos Deciden, Podemos, Partido X…todos ellos comparten una serie de valores (respeto a las libertades democráticas, ideales progresistas, respeto por las realidades nacionales de los pueblos de Europa, ecologismo…) que deberían facilitarles el entendimiento. Si de verdad quieren que su esfuerzo sirva para algo, creo que algo de esto deberían ir teniéndolo en cuenta. Si no las mafias políticas organizadas lo tienen ya todo hecho, gracias a sus infinitos recursos mediáticos y con la legislación electoral apoyando a las formaciones mayoritarias y penalizando a las minoritas con la abstención y la dispersión del voto, si. Pero sobre todo gracias a la desunión de todo lo que representa una oposición organizada a ellos y sus intereses. Divide et impera.

El espectro político para las elecciones europeas 2014 dispersa el voto de la izquierda

May 12, 2014

Ukraine NATO-backed dictatorship: “if you vote, we will kill you”

   Yesterday took place a national referendum in several Ukrainian provinces to decide if they wanted to stay under the Kiev fascist regime or to form a new country. The poll was being carried out in provinces where insurgents hold over a dozen towns .Donetsk is the larger of two eastern Ukrainian regions where separatists held the referendum. The vote has been already declared illegal by the pro-NATO government in Kiev and the European Union.”We only support elections where we control all candidates, and where we have no posibility of losing. That’s not the case in eastern Ukraine, that’s why those elections are illegal” said a spokesman of the european Popular Party.

   Murdered by NATO and EU backed terrorists just for going to practice democracy

The vote has been already declared illegal by the pro-NATO government in Kiev and the European Union.”We only support elections where we control all candidates, and where we have no posibility of losing. That’s not the case in eastern Ukraine, that’s why those elections are illegal” said a spokesman of the european Popular Party. At least one man was shot dead and a second was wounded when the Ukrainian National Guard tried to disperse a crowd outside a municipal building in  Krasnoarmeisk.The Interfax-Ukraine news agency quoted witnesses as saying the incident occurred when members of the Guard’s “Dnipr” battalion fired shots to the unarmed people waiting to vote at the entry to the building.The Obama-backed Ukrainian government has opened fire upon and killed their own citizens waiting to vote. With the Ukrainian government on the edge of desperation to keep control of those regions, will these latest events cause Russia to enter the Ukraine and possible launch World War 3?

Earlier French President Francois Hollande denounced separatist votes by pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine as “null and void”.On a visit to the ex-Soviet republic of Azerbaijan, Mr Hollande said the votes in Donetsk and Lugansk made “no sense” and that only Ukraine’s presidential vote on 25 May mattered, “because that’s the one controlled by NATO agents“.

the only legal elections in Ukraine are those controlled by NATO

May 9, 2014

Spain: more than 300 people persecuted by the police on social networks for their political opinión

  Civil Guard, a spanish militarized police, is looking for anonymous people who exalt ETA on social networks , a senior officer has admitted. 21 people were recently arrested for alleged glorification of terrorism in Facebook and Twitter, not without controversy, and this was considered by many organizations an attack on freedom of speech and an intimidation by the regime.

You can glorify real terrorists like Franco and his supporters, you can spit on the memory of victims of terrorism, but don’t say a single word about ETA or you directly go to jail.

  Some criticized the operation has been conceived only against people talking about to ETA, and not opened to the wide range of insults found in social networks against the victims of Franco’s terrorism or Spanish police . Guardia Civil says their unit ( UCE- 1) , created two years ago to track information on the Internet about ETA , is dedicated only to the basque armed group and their supporters, not anybody else. So this means that they will act only depending on the ideology of the comments made on social network. You can glorify all the fascist massacres you want on social networks, but remember: not a single word about ETA (only what the regime want you to say) or you can go to jail like these guys. Remember: in Spain we have good nazi-fascist killers who become Chiefs of State and bad basque leftist killers, and our government only spend its money fighting against the last ones.

Civil Guard will look for crimes of opinion on the internet

Civil Guard will look for crimes of opinion on the internet

A double standard: other cases of harassment

   And this is why the Spanish regime will not move a finger to protect other victims of terrorism, as Pilar Manjon, the president of the “Association of 11M victims of Terrorism“, harassed on social networks , where she has received threats and insults. Manjon considered also there is a double standard , marked by ideology. Manjon criticized the prosecution acted in ‘Operation Spider ‘ , where 21 twitterers have been arrested for glorifying terrorism , while the same prosecutor has always been opposed to the various complaints she has filed when she has received threats and insults like “You’re a fucking bitch opportunist who drinks with those who dismembered your son ” and many others.

May 9, 2014

Ucrania: Nazis ahorcan a un antifascista y lo exhiben orgullosos

with the support of their NATO bosses, you can add


Miembros del conocido como “Sector derecho”, es decir, las bandas paramilitares neonazis que campan a sus anchas actualmente en Ucrania sembrando el horror y el terror a su paso, cuelgan a un antifascista ucraniano y lo publican en un vídeo.


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May 7, 2014

Las mentiras del regimen español contra la alternativa democrática en Catalunya

  Hace aproximadamente unos 2 años, en 2012, David Comerford y José Vicente Rodríguez Mora, catedráticos de las universidades de Stirling y Edimburgo, respectivamente, publicaron un estudio en el que aseguraban que las pérdidas económicas de la futura Catalunya como estado europeo independiente del regimen español (descontando los beneficios fiscales) sería de entre el 0,7% y el 2,5%, y España perdería más, un 4% exactamente. La difusión del estudio, sobre todo en los medios adeptos al regimen, fue obviamente nula, no fuese a poner de relieve una realidad contraria a los intereses del gobierno de Madrid.

   Ahora esos mismos economistas han vuelto a publicar el mismo estudio, pero con unos resultados muy distintos, en los que Catalunya perdería  un 9,5% de su PIB pero España sólo un 3,5%.

   Nótese que estos catedráticos han expresado en reiteradas ocasiones su opinión respecto a la inconveniencia de lo que ellos denominan “procesos secesionistas” (nótese la terminología propia del regimen a la hora de referirse a las transiciones democráticas)  en Catalunya o Euskadi, asi como en Escocia. Nótese igualmente que este último estudio publicado en la Royal Economic Society de Manchester si ha tenido un amplio eco en la mayoria de los medios de comunicación españoles.

   Con este tipo de gente se están jugando los cuartos los demócratas catalanes. Gente para la que una realidad existe sólo unicamente cuando beneficia a sus intereses. Gente que apoya una ideología (la del nacionalismo español y su interpretación franquista de la indisolubilidad de lo que ellos llaman España) que historicamente ha mentido y matado para imponer su ideología. Son muchos los paises que se han librado del yugo del regimen de Madrid a lo largo de la historia, pero, desde Colombia a Costa Rica o desde Holanda a Portugal, ninguno ha conseguido hacerlo por medios democráticos que el Gobierno Español nunca ha aceptado ni entendido más que como hechos consumados, cuando ya no les ha quedado más remedio a los cabecillas del regimen de Madrid de reconocer la soberanía de lo que hasta entonces ellos consideraban parte de “su reino“. Los esconceses tienes la suerte de contar con los más de 300 años de democracia asentada en UK para resolver sus cuestiones; por el contrario los catalanes y los vascos tienen aun muy presentes los más de 40 años de barbarie nacionalista española del General Franco, asi como de aquellos que continuan su legado compartiendo sus fines respecto a la “indisolubilidad” de España. ¿Cómo resolveran paises como el Vasco o el Catalán su conflicto con España? ¿Cómo consumarán su transición hacía su soberania nacional en relaciones de IGUALDAD dentro de Europa, nunca más de SUMISIÓN, respecto al gobierno de Madrid? ¿A la argentina? ¿A la cubana? ¿A la gibraltareña? ¿A la venezolana? La pelota lleva demasiado tiempo en el tejado del gobierno de Madrid como pensar que este tenga la menor intención de mover ficha, democraticamente hablando. ¿Para qué? ¿Qué ganaría el regimen con cualquier variación de la situación actual hacia la democracia? NADA. El regimen español lo último que quiere es que el pueblo catalán tengo cualquier posibiliodad de hablar y expresar su voluntad soberana en democracia, por eso para Madrid los referendums son ilegales, pero las amenazas de los militares españoles, en cambio, no lo son. Como tampoco lo es el matar ciudadanos catalanes para imponer esa visión de España, como de hecho ha ocurrido en Euzkadi ¿Cuantos asesinos a sueldo del regimen español hay cumpliendo penas de carcel por sus crímenes contra ciudadanos vascos? Desgraciadamente, la teoría de las dos varas de medir ha entrado en acción para varios millones de ciudadanos catalanes que quieren ejercer su derecho humano a constituirse como estado propio dentro de Europa. Sus pretensiones son ILEGALES. Sus anhelos de democracia para Catalunya están prohibidos en la “democracia” española, y eso es lo que hay. Y si no Madrid volverá a mandar, constitucionalmente, sus tanques  y sus asesinos a sueldo infiltrados y aquí no ha pasado nada.

May 7, 2014

Unicef reconoce atención a niños y adolescentes en Venezuela

una de las muchas realidades de la Revolución Bolivariana que los fascistas a sueldo de intereseses empresariales americanos y españoles tratan de ocultar. Como si a Repsol o Texaco fuese a importarle que los réditos del petroleo venezolano estén beneficiando a niños venezolanos y no a accionistas españoles o americanos


UnicefEl Fondo de las Naciones Unidas para la Infancia (Unicef) reconoció hoy aquí los avances en la atención en salud y educación a niños y adolescente durante los 15 años del proceso revolucionario venezolano.

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