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April 30, 2014

Fascismo puro: Ucrania corta el suministro de agua a Crimea

if the people of Crimea don’t obey the Emperor from Washington, they’ll be punished. what were they thinking?

April 29, 2014

Spain: Nearly 30 people arrested for “glorifying terrorism in social networks” and other crimes of opinion

They could spend more than 2 years in prison for just a few jokes in twitter

Somebody could say this is a police-state where policemen spend their time seeking for “ilegal” comments in social network with the tax money of all citizens at the same time the true mafia is laughing about us with all the money they’ve stolen from Spanish citizens, but it’s not, it’s just the way we do things in Spain. There’s not too much to tell about, the title says it all: nearly 30 people from several places in Spain has been detained between yesterday and today (more expected to come) just for writting some comments (in some cases just one comment) in social networks like twitter. They can be sued with thousands of € in fines or they can spend more than 2 years in prison, it depends on the case.
  Who can believe a country where hundred of people are in prison just for talking or writting is a democracy?
At the same time killers and torturers who worked for the Government have been indulted or simply never went to jail (the few of them who ever had to face a trial)?
Who can believe Spain is a democracy when we’re constantly watching things like this?

  Political dissidents, activists, bloguers, facebook users…be very carefull with the Spanish Big Brother because he is watching what you say and what you write on the internet and he may send you to jail if he doesn’t like what he sees…simple as that.

and now, what were we discussing about?

Like in 1984, everything you write is examined by the Spanish Police

Like in 1984, everything you write is examined by the Spanish Police

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April 28, 2014

Economic policy in a post-Piketty world

and further and further…it’s a competitive world, they say…instead of sharing, stealing other people’s resources is the way to go in our political system. And if they don’t let us steal their resources first we send the NATO and then we put a puppet to rule the country. It’s our manifest destiny (and if we spaniards support the EEUU world regime is just because we want a piece of that pie).
God bless our democratic way of life!

Real-World Economics Review Blog

from Dean Baker

Thomas Piketty’s new book, Capital in the 21st Century, has done a remarkable job of focusing public attention on the growth of inequality in the last three decades and the risk that it will grow further in the decades ahead. Piketty’s basic point on this issue is almost too simple for economists to understand: if the rate of return on wealth (r) is greater than the rate of growth (g), then wealth is likely to become ever more concentrated.

This raises the obvious question of what can be done to offset this tendency towards rising inequality? Piketty’s answer is that we need a global wealth tax (GWT) to redistribute from the rich to everyone else. That is a reasonable solution if we’re just working out the arithmetic in this story, but don’t expect many politicians to be running on the GWT platform any time soon.

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April 27, 2014

Spain won’t extradite the infamous torturer Captain Muñecas arguing his crimes “occurred too long ago”

   A federal judge in Argentina has issued an international arrest warrant for Jesús Muñecas Aguilar, 75, under a principle of universal jurisdiction, which allows courts to judge certain cases of human rights abuses committed in other countries. But now a top spanish court on Friday ruled against extraditing a former “Civil-Guard” (a spanish militarized police force very active during Franco’s regime) to Argentina, where a judge wants to try him for torture during the Franco dictatorship. Spain, a country which recently overturned the principle of universal jurisdiction in its territory (some say trying to evade justice from other countries) justified the decision on the grounds that Munecas has no link to Argentina. Another slap in the face to the victims of terrorism who have to endure how the murderers get away with their crimes.

munecas - spanish NAZI

April 26, 2014

¿Y quién va a ser el valiente que rescate a este monstruo?

seguro que lo decidimos democraticamente entre todos los afectados, igual que siempre

April 25, 2014

Kim Jong-un ordena a sus tropas que se preparen para un «inminente conflicto» con EE UU

First I thought..”I don’t know who’s worst, Kim Jong-un or Obama”…but then I thought “Kim Jong-un still hasn’t killed a portion of the people Obama has already killed since he’s Emperor of the Western World in his many wars around the globe”…and then I prayed for an alien invasion

April 24, 2014

NATO spies captured by militias in Donetsk Republic

  The rebel militias fighting against the U.S. puppet government since the coup d’etat in Ukraine have captured a group of NATO spies pretending to be OSCE members. The commander in chief of the Popular Army has declared the 13 spies “will be exchanged for our own prisoners.”

The self-proclaimed president of Ukraine and his boss, the Emperor of the Western World, having a chat

The self-proclaimed president of Ukraine and his boss, the Emperor of the Western World, having a chat

   Self-proclaimed Ukraine president, Arseny Yatsenyuk, replied that Russian military aircraft had crossed the country’s airspace seven times “to provoke Ukraine to start a war”.”Russian military aircraft today overnight crossed and violated Ukrainian airspace seven times.” “The only reason is to provoke Ukraine to start a war,” he told journalists at a briefing in Rome, following a meeting with the Catholic Pope. The truth is the only one that is killing people in those so-called “anti-terrorist operations” is him, not the Kremlin. It’s always cheaper killing a few thousands dissidents than celebrating a referendum that you can probably lose.

April 23, 2014

Informe de Amnistía Internacional sobre la represión en España

the so called spanish democratic transition was only a way for Franco’s supporters to evade the law and escape prison, nothing else.The same fascist terrorist who were ruling the country under Franco’s regime are now telling us how to behave in demostrations.

*Haz ‘click’ en la imagen para acceder al informe completo


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April 22, 2014

What nobody saw in any Spanish TV about the Ibero-American Summit of 2007

When President Daniel Ortega put the record straight to the King of  Spain   

President Ortega speech went from the mafia practices of  some Spanish companies in South America to the children bombed and murdered with the help of the Spanish army in Libia. It only took a few minutes to the Spanish King to run away, (perhaps he had more elephants to kill) but the truth is that his behaviour wasn’t what you call a “polite” behaviour when you’re in front of someone democratically elected by his people, unlike yourself.

April 21, 2014

Estados Unidos desplegará tropas en Polonia

I can’t understand how western “democracies” are still supporting a terrorist like Yulia Timoshenko, who’s calling to kill all those who don’t accept the coup d’etat. It seems nobody cares about the opinion of the ukranian people, who democratically elected Yanukóvich for president.The media called the coup d’etat against Yanukóvich a “revolution” sopported by most of the population, but now when it’s happening the same to Oleksandr Turchínov, NAT0’s controlled media are calling the protesters “terrorist supporters”