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April 4, 2013

Infanta Cristina of Spain, Duchess of Palma (King Juan Carlos’s youngest daughter) accused in corruption inquiry

  It is reported to be the first court summons for a direct descendant of the Spanish king. Investigating Judge Jose Castro said Wednesday that fresh evidence suggested that she was aware that her husband used her name and status in dealings from which they both benefitted. She was a member of the board of the Noos Institute between 2004-2006, through which Duke of Palma won public contracts to stage sporting and tourism events. She also co-owned one of the private companies which her husband allegedly used to divert funds. Until now, the princess had avoided being dragged formally into the case, although accusations had been mounting up against her.


  Support for the monarchy reached a historic low of 54 percent, according to a poll in February in the aftermath of the Urdangarin scandal and following the king’s ill-fated Botswana safari to hunt elephants last April.

December 21, 2011

Mariano, the messiah who will save Spain from ruin


   Mariano Rajoy says he believes in miracles like any good christian, so he’s got faith in the recovery of Spain from the depths of misery. The problem is that he (and his followers) seems to be the only ones who still believe that Spain can overcome their actual economic situation.His government has begun amid protests in the streets, outlaws and allegations of electoral fraud in the Basque Country, public corruption …but Mariano is confident he can rule with an iron fist. So far has said no more doctors or teachers, but more policemen jobs will be available soon to help fighting tha spanish 15M «indignados».