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October 18, 2013

Infanta Cristina, Duchess of Palma: beyond good and evil

  While Infanta Cristina is hiding in Suiza from Justice, the show goes on in the Spanish Circus.Investigating authorities allege that Iñaki Urdangarin (Duke of Palma), his wife Cristina de Brobón (Duchess of Palma and King’s daughter) and his former business partner Diego Torres funneled about 5 million euros ($6.4 million) in public funds to companies they controlled. The three ran a nonprofit organization called the Noos Institute, through which the funds were channeled and of which the princess was a board member.Spanish Royal Family
In a court document , investigating magistrate Judge Jose Castro said the princess was a board member on two of her husband’s companies. The magistrate added there was evidence the princess was aware that her husband had used her name and status in his dealings, from which both had benefited. Castro said such evidence could lead the princess to be classified as an accomplice. But just after Judge Castro formally named the princess as a suspect in his investigation, the prosecutor began acting as defense counsel for Princess Cristina. It took them only a few days to get the Princess out of any issue with Justice. Of course Justice is the same for everybody in the Spanish democracy. When General Franco put king Juan Carlos in charge of the Spanish Regime, they both showed the whole world the levels of democracy Spain was getting at the time. These days, many members of the Spanish Royal Family are supporting the recently created “Spain trademark” the way they know: showing the world who’s boss in the Spanish Regime.

October 12, 2013

Franco-fascism on the march in Spain: Is the government doing enough?

Americans For Catalonia

Critics say Spain’s fascist threat comes not from small groups like those set to march in Barcelona Saturday, but from the radical fringe that is part of Spain’s governing Popular Party.

October 11, 2013. Article by the Christian Science Monitor.

Extreme, neo-fascist groups in Spain are preparing for a show of force during this weekend’s nationalist holiday, and Spanish authorities are keeping a close eye on the situation.

But experts worry that the real fascist concern in Spain is not from small extremist groups, but rather from growing public displays of fascist sympathies by a small part of the conservative government’s constituency – and even among elected officials.

“Spain has not been ‘de-Francoized,’ as Germany has been de-Hitlerized,” explains Félix Ortega, a sociology professor and expert in public opinion in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. “There are still Franco symbols even in my university!”

An alliance of radical right groups…

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