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December 24, 2013

Madrid’s biggest fear:unity at both sides of the border

 We may be different, but we all have now the same menace over our heads: the double faces of the Government of Madrid. A regime with no respect at all for the democratic will of thousands of gibraltarians, and a regime with no respect for human rights when there are no cameras recording.

December 20, 2013

Spain blocks aids for typhoon victims

 Spanish officials at the border town of La Linea stopped the truck, saying they were unable to give authorisation for the food – which was mainly tinned or in packets – to be moved within the European Union.
MPs accused the Spanish authorities of creating yet more hassle for Gibraltarians, as part of the dispute with Britain over sovereignty of the Rock.
Tory MP Andrew Rosindell said: ‘The Spanish are behaving in a hateful fashion.
‘We are fast reaching a point where Britain will have no choice but to show Madrid – in a drastic way – that their behaviour will not be tolerated.’

A British MP has accused Spain of acting in a ‘hateful fashion’ after it stopped a truck loaded with aid for the victims of the Philippines typhoon from leaving Gibraltar.
The vehicle, carrying food, blankets and clothes, was heading to the Spanish port city of Algeciras, where its container was to have been loaded on to a ship bound for Manila.
The supplies had been collected by a Gibraltar charity at jumbles sales, and were to be given to families left homeless by Typhoon Haiyan.

December 2, 2013

Spanish government attacks free speech

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This video is called Anger continues at corruption revelations in Spain’s ruling People’s Party.

By Alejandro López in Spain:

Spanish government clamps down on public protests

30 November 2013

The Spanish Popular Party (PP) government is preparing legislation to drastically curtail the right to protest and freedom of speech by imposing huge fines and jails sentences.

Last week Interior Minister Jorge Fernández Díaz presented a draft law to replace the 1992 Protection of Public Safety law, which provides sanctions for a range of “public order” offences.

Huge sanctions of between €30,001 and €600,000 ($820,000) could be imposed for offences including recording and broadcasting images of members of the security forces in the course of their work; disturbances in public, religious, sport and other protests; demonstrating outside parliament, regional parliaments, the Senate and high courts without official authorisation; non authorised protests in front of important building such as nuclear power plants

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