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April 2, 2014

Pablo Hasel y la libertad de expresión

who said Pussy Riot? … singer Pablo Hásel is sentenced to prision by the spanish regime. The reason?…his lyrics..

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La Audiencia Nacional no tiene precisamente un lustroso historial de escrupuloso respeto a la libertad de expresión. En 2003 el diario vasco Egunkaria fue cerrado por decisión del juez Del Olmo y dos años más tarde ordenó liquidar las empresas intervenidas en dicha operación. En 2010, cuando el daño ya era irreparable, la Audiencia Nacional hizo pública la absolución de los imputados de Egunkaria por pertenencia a banda armada. El mismo juez, en 2007, ordenó la retirada de los kioscos de una portada de El Jueves con una viñeta satírica sobre los Príncipes de Asturias por un presunto delito de injurias a la Corona que paradójicamente proporcionó a la caricatura una publicidad sin precedentes.

Ahora le ha tocado al rapero Pablo Hasel sufrir la sentencia de la Audiencia Nacional que lo condena a 2 años de prisión por un delito de enaltecimiento del terrorismo. La Audiencia Nacional, un tribunal de…

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September 16, 2012

Ricky Gervais in “Derek”: the depths of emotional intelligence

Another masterpiece conceived and brought to screen by one of the most talented man nowadays in the whole world (in his matter and in every matter). With just one pilot released, and waiting for a whole season for next year in Channel 4, “Derekdeploys some sort of smart comedy/drama where characters like Derek himself, Hannah (played by Kerry Godliman) or Dougie (played by Karl Pilkington) got a depth not usually seen on TV. The truth is I’m very limited due to my low knowledge of English language to express what I’d like to say about this TV series, so I just can recommend you to give it a try. It’s worth to see it thousands times more than 99’9% of all american TV series (like “Extras”, “The Office”, “Life’s too short” and most things that have came out from Gervais mind).

Pilkington (L) & Gervais(R) in Derek

“I’m not clever or good looking, but I am kind”

Further the controversy generated by the perception of some groups that say it mocks mentally handicapped people, the truth is that, at least in the pilot, they are shown like the human beings with feelings they really are. Gervais has taken “British TV comedies” subgenre to a next level of excellence  (like Monty Python did in their time) and “Derek” is just another step in that way.  I just can’t wait to see the rest of the whole season.

September 16, 2012

“Dora” by Ignacio Minaverry: one of the most interesting GN of this season

Dora, a well written and better drawn graphic novel about a young spy girl during the sixties who becomes a Nazi hunter, has been recently published in Spain by sins entido, at a cover price of 22€. The book’s worth it a reading, Argentine artist Ignacio Minaverry has really managed to compose a beautiful “travels & mistery” tale full of small details and elusive colours, with interesting characters and a well told story.Dora was considered the best Argentine comic of 2009.