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September 15, 2012

‘The Economist’ blames President Mariano for the delay of Spain in asking for bail-out

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   In an article called “More pain in Spain: waiting for Rajoy”, the financial newspaper blames President Mariano Rajoy for pretending that “Spain may not need a bail-out. Before taking a decision we must see whether it is really necessary,” Perhaps Rajoy is just waiting for the German Constitutional Court’s decisions, but in the meanwhile the country goes deeper into misery and unemployment (been actually the country with highest unemployment rates in the whole world). These Spanish issues have become a cancer in the heart of the European Union, dividing  their members and putting an additional weight on the evolution of the whole European Community. But few Spaniards are fooled. Many talk about a political interest in delaying the decision due to the next elections in the Basque Country, where Spanish nationalists can lose all their influence in the Basque Government in favour of the Basque Democratic parties asking for their independence.

December 22, 2011

Ann Bottle, Ansar’s wife,will be mayor in Madrid

ann bottle

Ann Bottle was the first lady during the presidency of Jose Mari Ansar. During that age, Mrs Bottle was a first lady of controversy and debate  for some of her opinions against homosexuals and her ultra-conservative way of thinking. She will inherit the most indebted municipality in Europe. Is this luxury-loving woman the ideal candidate for the job?

December 22, 2011

The new Government of Spain wishes to give a different picture to that of the former Government of General Franco

Soraya(right)with Rosa(left)



   At least that’s one of the reasons that political analysts point to justify the decision of President Mariano. He has chosen Soraya, a relatively young woman in her fifties, as a spokesperson for a government full of the old guard of General Franco.

December 21, 2011

Fron Lehman Brothers to the Government of Spain


“I’m so horny,baby…”says Luis

The new Minister of Economic Affairs of the Spanish Government, Luis de Guindos (like Louis from Windows®), was the Chief Director of Lehman Brothers in Spain and Portugal when the subprime mortgages scandal that
destabilized the world economy broke in 2008. This is the man chosen by Mariano to get Spain out of the ruin. He says he is really excited with his new job.  Banks too.

December 18, 2011

The new Spanish government is refusing to enforce the law despite allegations of fraud

Rajoy’s government denies the Basque political party Amaiur the formation of their own political group, thus violating the Spanish law and jurisprudence in this area. Many international players have expressed concern at the vindictive attitude against the law of the Spanish government , that continues to block again and again peace negotiations of the Basque conflict. The ruling party (PP, formed in 1977 by General Francisco Franco’s ministers) continues to cause apprehension among the international community for its undemocratic origins and spirit. Inside and outside Spain, many analysts have pointed out that the attitude of the Spanish government against the political party Amaiur is totally illegal because it is based on an ad hoc law, created especially for this time, and which contradicts the Spanish jurisprudence.some of the basque elected members of Amaiur