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June 9, 2014

Basque human chain for democracy : another victory for peace

   Tens of thousands of people have joined hands to form a human chain 123 kilometres (76 miles) long in support of democracy and against spanish occupation of the southern basque country. The organizers of  ‘Gure Esku Dago’ (It’s in our hands) initially said that around 50,000 people would be just enough to cover the distance of 123 km. But the turnout went beyond expectations with some reports indicating that more than 150,000 people eventually took part in the campaign.  Demonstrators draped in red-white-and-green Basque flags raised their linked hands as helicopters flew over the line stretching from the city of Durango to Iruña/Pamplona some 76 miles away, crossing the four basque historical territories at the South of the country under Spanish occupation. TV images show how people began to link up at noon Sunday forming a continuous line along a road linking all the southern basque cities:

  A long economic crisis and political corruption scandals have triggered broad public disenchantment with key institutions that anchor the so called “Spain’s democracy”, formed in the 1970s after a long dictatorship. Support for the Spanish nationalists parties, once-dominant in a few basque cities, (the Spanish Socialists and Spanish centre-right People’s Party), has fallen dramatically in , independence movements are resurging again stronger than ever in Catalonia and the Basque Country, and on Saturday thousands marched in Madrid and other cities calling for the abolition of the monarchy that was reinstated in 1975 by Franco’s fascist regime. That same day, while the Spanish institutional mafia was celebrating the day of their gunmen with shots and hails to violence and war, a peacefull army of thousands and thousands of unarmed and democratic basque soldiers won another battle versus Spanish barbarism:

In recent years basque leaders negotiated more tax independence from Spain. Armed pro-independency group ETA, declared unilaterally an end to its armed struggle in 2011 to carve out an independent Basque state from the basque parts of northern Spain and southern France that are now occupied by both states. In 2005 after decades of war, the Spanish parliament rejected a plan for Basque self-determination without even taking it into consideration: any form of democracy in the Basque Country is totally forbidden if that leads to independence from Spain. Basques are only allowed to vote what the Spanish regime let them, nothing more.The Spanish government also rejected recently a proposal on plans for Catalonia to hold a referendum on independence from Spain, telling all catalans and basque citizens that there is no democratic way of leaving Spain behind, only the way used by: Puerto Rico, Colombia, Guinea, Philippines, Netherlands, Portugal, Panama, Sahara, Argentina, Mexico, Gibraltar, Ecuador, Cuba, Costa Rica… all of them countries that once were under Spanish occupation, but they manage to become free. Which way they took? That’s what catalan and basque citizens fighting for democracy should now discover.