Felipe the usurper is not our king

“We don’t want them to think we are like babies, that we can’t decide what we want. We don’t want a king, we want to choose,”  The anti-monarchist movement, born out of frustration with the political system, corruption, and unemployment, sees Spain’s royal family, which has seen its popularity drop after a spate of scandals over the last three years, as a main part of the problem.The protesters see taking to the streets in a demonstration of people power as their only option, as both the ruling right-wing Popular party and the centrist Socialist opposition – which will oversee the transition in Parliament – are overwhelmingly in favor of keeping the monarchy.
In Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia – which is seeking complete independence from Madrid – thousands also flooded the streets to proclaim a republic.Activists, shouting “Dear Felipe, nobody has chosen you,” swore to pursue independence. Felipe will come to the throne as the government of the wealthy northeastern region of Catalonia is pushing to hold an independence referendum in November — a vote that is fiercely opposed by the central government in Madrid.


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