More than 100 snipers will protect Felipe the usurper

   The Spanish family chosen by General Franco to continue his legacy will go on with their planned agenda. Like his father, Felipe the usurper has been educated to rule under the appearance of a democratic leader despite nobody has ever voted him in any election. To guarantee there will be no opposition in his coronation, thousands of policemen and military personal, included the worst of both worlds, will be watching the streets of Madrid hunting for democrats asking for a referendum.It seems the Spanish regime is a tad nervous of demonstrations against the monarchy when the new King Felipe the usurper is set to be crowned. Having declared it illegal to hold any form of anti-monarchy protest or demonstration, the government will be deploying more than 6,700 police and civil guard officers in and around the area during the proceedings. They even had to import around 4,000 officers from around Spain to swell the ranks, including hundred of snipers.

b  Whether they are trying to compare the average, ordinary and peaceful anti-monarchy citizen with terrorists is unclear, but security will be tight.In fact, in total, the Government Delegation in Madrid has banned two demonstrations and two concentrations coinciding with the proclamation of King Philip VI, as “incompatible with the safety of the acts of that day” and which they consider would present a “true” risk.


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