Basque Country: more than 100.000 people in a human chain for democracy and against spanish menaces

Gure Esku Dago (It’s in our hands) is a movement in favor of democracy (aka “the right to decide”) in the Basque Country.Their main goal is to achieve citizen support for the Basques’ right to decide. The movement is all-inclusive, as it extends to everybody its invitation to participate.

The group stands on three basic ideas:

1. The Basque Country is a nation
2. Basques have a right to decide
3. The future is in the hands of the citizens of the Basque Country

The tenets of the initiative are based on the certainty that the lack of this right is the origin of the political conflict in the Basque Country and that it is a pre-politic claim, to create a democratic base that has always been a part of the political and social agenda of the country.

 Twitter hashtags:



Among the activities supported is a Human Chain that will connect Durango to Iruña/Pamplona today Sunday June 8th



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