Pro-independence parties win european elections in Catalonia

   ERC, the Left-Wing Catalan Independence Party which has been leading the democratic transition in Catalunya from Spain to democracy, won yesterday the european election in Catalunya. The pro-independence party doubled their last results and it’s again, since 1936, the first political force in the country. ERC leaders have declared that this should be interpreted as support for a democratic vote on self-determination and proof of the pro-European will of the majority of Catalans, with EU membership for an independent Catalonia in mind. These results also mean that the poll that will be celebrated next November is a necessary step for Catalan transition to democracy,because despite the several menaces from the Spanish regime,people in Catalonia want to decide theit future in peace. While Spanish nationalists parties have lost thousands of votes in Catalonia, the parties who actively support the democratic transition to make Catalunya another european state have clearly won this election. Citizens were mobilised and have significantly increased the low 36.94% turnout registered in 2009.

Catalan people say it loud and clear: “Catalunya don’t fear spanish menaces”

   The EU membership of Catalonia after the creation of a free catalan state has become the decisive argument that could stop the growth of independence support. The European Commission has sent contradictory messages in the past two years regarding the independence of Catalonia, the Basque Country or Scotland, their right to hold a vote on self-determination and their potential EU Membership, but the truth is that  several EU experts have stated that an automatic expulsion of any new state born inside an already european member would be a political decision rather than a legal one. Therefore, EU institutions, by siding with the Spanish Government and not supporting Catalonia’s right to self-determination, have taken sides on the issue, thereby making independence an EU topic.


Spanish nationalists have used fear and hate as an electoral weapon, accusing supporters of Catalan independence of “creating tension” and “hate”, despite the self-determination movement in Catalonia being entirely peaceful. The PP has been insisting on this for some months already, in a clear strategy to link Catalan independence and violence.


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