EH Bildu wins european elections in the Basque Country

  The basque left wing party Bildu, which has been actively working for the peace proccess in Euskadi against all  menaces from Madrid, won yesterday the european poll in most basque territories, becoming the first political force of the whole country. This results should open new ways of building peace between both countries.

“The basque transition is unstopable”

   Basque people, as catalans, have said loud and clear that they want to decide their future without menaces from the Spanish regime. They want a relationship with the Spanish Government based in equality,as equals: no more as a colony of Madrid under military ocupation with no real power for their leaders. The whole country is commited with peace, and there’s no turning back to violence and war. The Spanish regime should understand that democracy is the only way of solving things, not killing political dissidents. The conflict between the Basque Country and the Spanish centralist authorities is more than two centuries old, leaving behind thousand of dead people in both sides.


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