Another spanish citizen arrested for posting in twitter

  Censorship in Spain  

   A 19 years old man, Sergi B. J, has been arrested in a small town in Valencia (Spain) after giving his opinion in twitter. The dangerous 19 year old criminal mastermind was arrested by the Spansih Civil Guard (a militarized police) after posting a twitter with his opinion about the reckoning between several PP members.


   You can find literally millions of comments in social networks supporting the murders of members of the opposition to the Spanish regime, and none of them are considered a crime; but if you dare to post an opinion against any member of the Spanish regime, you can be arrested like this man.
Some say “Only fascist regimes put people into jail just for giving an opinion“, but you have to remember that Spain is different. You can give your opinion supporting the murder of a political dissident, but you never, NEVER, can give an ilegal opinion about any member of the Spanish regime.


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