Spain:a reckoning between members of the ruling “Partido Popular” party ends with a politician shot dead

Head of the provincial government in Léon was gunned down in broad daylight as she walked from home to party headquarters

Officials said the wife and daughter of a police inspector were arrested on suspicion of gunning down Isabel Carrasco, conservative Popular Party (PP) leader of the provincial council in Leon, northern Spain.Carrasco was well known for her outspoken views and was involved in a number of high-profile controversies, in particular in 2011 when she received a 13 per cent pay rise at the height of Spain’s recession.

Half a dozen police covered the body of Carrasco with a white sheet at the scene on a pedestrian bridge over the Bernesga River in the university city, media photographs showed. Police rolled her body away on a stretcher and began dusting the bridge for fingerprints, a photographer with news agency AFP saw.

“She has died. She was shot several times and she died,” a Popular Party spokeswoman told AFP after the late-afternoon shooting.
“We thought it was firecrackers,” a pair on the scene told Spanish daily El Pais shortly afterwards.
“At that time there were people everywhere, and kids playing with a lot people walking their dogs.”

Carrasco, 59, was pronounced dead at 5.20pm, the paper reported.


Spanish daily El Mundo reported that both a mother, 55, and daughter, 35 — the wife and child of a police chief inspector from the Spanish town of Astorga — had been arrested over the shooting.
El Pais newspaper reported that the women were the wife and daughter of the police chief of Astorga, a town in Leon province.

“It seems that the daughter was fired yesterday from the council where she worked as an engineer,” an interior ministry spokesman told AFP.
“For that reason, everything indicates that it was personal vengeance,” he said.
“The police are carrying out tests to find out who fired the shots,” he added.

The Popular Party and the opposition Socialist party have canceled plans to hold events tied to the European Parliament election campaign, including rallies in which Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and opposition leader Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba were set to participate.


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