Spain: more than 300 people persecuted by the police on social networks for their political opinión

  Civil Guard, a spanish militarized police, is looking for anonymous people who exalt ETA on social networks , a senior officer has admitted. 21 people were recently arrested for alleged glorification of terrorism in Facebook and Twitter, not without controversy, and this was considered by many organizations an attack on freedom of speech and an intimidation by the regime.

You can glorify real terrorists like Franco and his supporters, you can spit on the memory of victims of terrorism, but don’t say a single word about ETA or you directly go to jail.

  Some criticized the operation has been conceived only against people talking about to ETA, and not opened to the wide range of insults found in social networks against the victims of Franco’s terrorism or Spanish police . Guardia Civil says their unit ( UCE- 1) , created two years ago to track information on the Internet about ETA , is dedicated only to the basque armed group and their supporters, not anybody else. So this means that they will act only depending on the ideology of the comments made on social network. You can glorify all the fascist massacres you want on social networks, but remember: not a single word about ETA (only what the regime want you to say) or you can go to jail like these guys. Remember: in Spain we have good nazi-fascist killers who become Chiefs of State and bad basque leftist killers, and our government only spend its money fighting against the last ones.

Civil Guard will look for crimes of opinion on the internet

Civil Guard will look for crimes of opinion on the internet

A double standard: other cases of harassment

   And this is why the Spanish regime will not move a finger to protect other victims of terrorism, as Pilar Manjon, the president of the “Association of 11M victims of Terrorism“, harassed on social networks , where she has received threats and insults. Manjon considered also there is a double standard , marked by ideology. Manjon criticized the prosecution acted in ‘Operation Spider ‘ , where 21 twitterers have been arrested for glorifying terrorism , while the same prosecutor has always been opposed to the various complaints she has filed when she has received threats and insults like “You’re a fucking bitch opportunist who drinks with those who dismembered your son ” and many others.


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