Gary Becker, a one trick pony?

R.I.P. Becker

Real-World Economics Review Blog

Update 7/5/2014: See also this post by Philip Pilkington which shows that, when put tot the test, economists themselves fail to be rational

The economist Gary Becker died. Interestingly, this arch-neoclassical is commemorated with the neoclassical spin machine in overdrive. Look for instance at this outright hagiography, linked to on the Marginal Revolution blog. This adolation is kind of weird, considering Beckers’ complacent style and his habit of stating in almost every second sentence that his approach was the only way to approach social questions (well, I remember that, somewhere, he spoke positively about sociobiology, something like: ‘My approach is the best only valid one (and there is sociobiology of course)’). Also, his empirics were lousy. One of the weak underbellies of neoclassical theory is of course the fact that, despite all efforts to estimate ‘revealed preference’, neoclassical economists have never succeeded in consistently estimating their core variables like…

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