Massacre in Odessa: nearly 40 dissidents burnt alive by NATO supporters


38 political dissidents were killed on Friday after fascist-led forces set fire to Odessa’s Trade Unions House, which had been sheltering opponents of the US and European backed regime in Ukraine. According to eye-witnesses, those who jumped from the burning building and survived were surrounded and beaten by thugs from the neo-Nazi Right Sector (supported by EEUU and EU).As the Odessa massacre occurred, US President Barack Obama, at a joint White House press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, explicitly endorsed the military offensive being carried out by the (unelected and self-proclaimed) new Kiev government against protesters occupying official buildings in eastern Ukraine, when just a few months earlier they both were supporting demostrations against the (democratically elected) former Ukraine Government.

Despite Western media attempts to cover up what happened in Odessa (included, of course, the spanish regime propaganda) —with multiple reports stating that “the exact sequence of events is still unclear”—there is no doubt that the massacre was instigated by thugs wearing the insignia of the Right Sector, which holds positions in the Kiev regime, along with the like-minded Svoboda party.


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