Coup d’etat in Venezuela: anything goes against Maduro

  The Government of Venezuela gave details on Friday of the people of the Venezuelan opposition that are involved in the failed coup d’etat against President Nicolas Maduro. This was announced by Minister Miguel Rodriguez Torres, who added that the opposition leaders were in contact with the citizen Rodolfo Pedro Gonzalez Martinez , aka the “Flyer ” who was arrested for being the main logistics coordinator of the destabilizing operations in Caracas. Among those involved are Antonio Ledezma, Darío Ramírez , Pablo Medina, Milka Fernández , Rosmer Mantilla , Ivan Ballesteros , Victor Luis , Ronald Morillo, Juan Requessens , Gaby Arellano , Lilian Tintori , Jorge Alberto Camblor. The minister explained that the “ Aviator” was raided by the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service , after they found lots of weapons and a laptop with intel in his possesion.

58 foreign citizens involved in the coup

  The Minister reported that among the detainees are currently 58 foreign citizens who are involved in acts of violence in the country, which are mostly linked to the use of weapons. One of them, Gabriel Alejandro Reyes, even had a “Red Code” order by Interpol for drug trafficking in the Spain. Another citizen involved, Luis Enrique Villamizar Lizcano , was also captured in Zulia state, who was a soldier of the Colombian Armed Forces, and is closely linked to former President Alvaro Uribe.

terrorism in venezuela


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