Spain won’t extradite the infamous torturer Captain Muñecas arguing his crimes “occurred too long ago”

   A federal judge in Argentina has issued an international arrest warrant for Jesús Muñecas Aguilar, 75, under a principle of universal jurisdiction, which allows courts to judge certain cases of human rights abuses committed in other countries. But now a top spanish court on Friday ruled against extraditing a former “Civil-Guard” (a spanish militarized police force very active during Franco’s regime) to Argentina, where a judge wants to try him for torture during the Franco dictatorship. Spain, a country which recently overturned the principle of universal jurisdiction in its territory (some say trying to evade justice from other countries) justified the decision on the grounds that Munecas has no link to Argentina. Another slap in the face to the victims of terrorism who have to endure how the murderers get away with their crimes.

munecas - spanish NAZI


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