Donetsk People’s Council will hold a referendum to join Russian Federation on May 11th after NATO’s menaces

 Protesters in eastern Ukraine, who have refused to recognize the legitimacy of the new authorities, have been gathering since March, demanding referendums on the status of their regions.Calls for independency and federalization have been spreading across Ukraine’s mainly Russian-speaking eastern regions after Ukrainian ultranationalists (with support of the so called “western democracies“), who make up the bulk of the erstwhile opposition, rose to political prominence following a change of the country’s leadership that resembled a coup in February.
Donetsk: Thousands of people demand a referendum

Donetsk: Thousands of people demand a referendum

  In Donestk, the local parliament on Friday formed a working group to develop a referendum analogous to the one in Crimea. Activists on Saturday passed out mock ballots, although no referendum has been formally called.
A number of leading pro-Russian activists have already been detained by police on suspicion of fomenting “secessionist activities”. The country’s security services said Saturday that they have arrested Mikhail Chumachenko, leader of the self-styled Donbass People’s Militia, on suspicion of seeking to seize authority.
As tensions roil in the east, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe is deploying an observer team aimed at easing the crisis.

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