Former Spanish Prime Minister Adolfo Suarez tried to use the army to invade the Basque Country

  In a book presented in Madrid last week by journalist Pilar Urbano, (often aligned with conservatives, who recently wrote a biography about Sophia, the Spanish greek queen ) Urbano told a few poorly known episodes of spanish history she witness.In one of them, former president and Duke, Adolfo Suarez, said, in his own words,he’ll never, never, never accept “a Basque Statute that was an inch away from the Spanish Constitution.” “And I was ready to militarily occupy the Basque Country” he said.

Suarez, one of the henchmen of General Franco, was commissioned to help many followers of Franco to evade justice. His remarks on democracy in the Basque Country confirm that the first years of the Spanish political transition were always guarded by the army of Franco, and that any contrary to the interests of the followers of Franco decision was repressed by the Spanish army.



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