The truth about Adolfo Suarez

The Spanish regime is trying to sell now the iconic figure of former PM Adolfo Suarez, but the truth is that while democratic people was fighting against General Franco’s reign of terror, Adolfo Suarez was working with the terrorists, becoming one of their bosses. Instead of helping the victims, he helped Franco’s supporters to evade the law after fourty years of armed terrorism, like if nothing happened before. The people who fought against Franco’s barbarism was put in jail (if they weren’t already dead) and when a third of the male dissident population was dead, only then, this now spanish hero helped the spanish nazis evade the law to become all of them valious member of the new Spanish “democracy”.. It was the most amazing flip in spanish political history…one day they were the Spanish nazi fascist who massacred the population during 40 years, the next day they were all democrats gentlemen..


Suárez was chosen by King Juan Carlos (who was chosen by General Franco himself as Chief of State) to organize the country’s first democratic elections after the death of dictator Francisco Franco, everything under the look of the same Army who helped Franco maintain his regime during 40 years. Of course it was a modelic transition for all those spanish fascists who never went to jail no matter how many people they raped, tortured or killed. And yes, Adolfo Suarez was a hero because he was one of those who helped them evade justice and even keep their money and status…we had in Spain the same situation that with Mussolini followers in Italy, Hitler followers in Germany, Petain followers in France etc…din’t we?


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