15 inmigrants drown after guardia civil fire rubber bullets

Police continue to find bodies of African immigrants following Thursday’s massive stampede of the Morocco-Spain border in which 250 people launched themselves at the barbed-wire fence on Tarajal beach, which is shared between two countries.So far, 15 sub-Saharan Africans have been found dead off the beach after having drowned during what has been described by the Spanish regime as an ‘assault’ on the fence on Thursday night at around 18.35hrs. Spanish border police fired rubber bullets in an attempt to deter 200 migrants who tried to cross the frontier between Morocco and Spain’s north African enclave Ceuta on 6 February, Reuters has reported.

new-ReduceImgWidth.asp The European Commission said on Friday it would ask Spain to explain why police fired rubber bullets at immigrants who were trying to swim to Spain’s north African enclave Ceuta from Morocco. “The commission considers that the Spanish authorities have a responsibility to look into the circumstances of this particular incident in Ceuta,” said Michele Cercone, spokesman for EU Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom.

Spanish Minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz told a parliamentary commission that rubber bullets had been fired at a distance of at least 25 meters from the migrants while they were in the water.Fernandez added that the breakwater separating Spanish and Moroccan waters would be lengthened to deter migrants trying to swim to Spanish territory. After denying the existence of rubber bullets, then the video recordings of the events etc…a judge is investigating what really happened that night to those 15 inmigrants


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