Rajoy insists: “Catalonia is not allowed to vote”

  Rajoy reiterated that, as Prime Minister of the Government of Spain, he guarantees “the poll will not take place – that is beyond discussion and not up for negotiation”.

  Spain’s prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, already under pressure from his European counterparts to clean up Spain’s banks and public finances,reiterated today that his position with respect to the sovereignty debate is clear and allows no nuances, and he warned the Catalan institutions that it’s impossible to negotiate when they are out of the Spanish laws. The will not be any democratic referendum in Catalonia because the Spanish laws don’t allow it, end of story.


 “I am going to focus my efforts to ensure that the people of Catalonia, who have always formed a fundamental and much-loved part of Spain, are not harmed by the consequences of that initiative”, Rajoy said. Rajoy concluded his speech by calling for responsibility from the President of the Government of Catalonia, Artur Mas, and appealing to the political commitment assumed by him not to violate the laws of the Kingdom of Spain.In response to questions from the media, Rajoy said that he and the leader of the Spanish opposition party are in full agreement on the Catalonia issue.

“Spain is not UK; and Catalonia is not Scotland”:
With respect to Scotland, Rajoy referred to a report from the British government on the matter and warned that Scotland will not be a part of ‘the EU, the United Nations, nor any of the international treaties to which it was a party as a member of the United Kingdom’. In addition, according to Rajoy, in the event that they choose to use the euro, they would also be excluded, and thus would not have the protection of the European Central Bank, and would suffer the economic consequences. ‘That is fact, not opinion,’ he said.


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