Burgos riots leave 12 Police Injured and more than 60 citizens arrested

   Local residents in the Spanish city of Burgos have resorted to street riots to express their frustration over a reported eight million-euro revamp of the city’s main thoroughfare.burgos2013eneros-b

   During the days of violent protests, more than 60 people were arrested only in Burgos, and twelve police officers were said to have been injured. The riots have spread all over Spain’s major towns. Rioting began Friday night as residents of Burgos’ Gamonal district objected to city hall plans to redesign a street into a tree-lined boulevard with an underground car garage. The plans for the thoroughfare include decreasing the road’s size by half and taking away free parking spaces in favour of a new, underground, “pay and displaycarpark.    burgoseneros2013a

One resident, angry at the way the city’s money is being spent, said:
“Considering the era we’re living in and the debt our city has, I find the situation lamentable.”

burgos_disturbios-672xXx80   Unemployment in Spain is high as a result of the recession and austerity measures are being put in place. In the wake of this, locals in Burgos say they disagree with plunging their city even further into debt.


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