“Bye Bye Hopita!”: Countess Hope Aguirre says goodbye to Madrid Regional Government

She leaves PP Government in its darkest hour in the history of Spain. Many say the fake sentimentality in her statement is intended only to benefit the “Partido Popular” in the upcoming elections in Galicia and the Basque Country. Countess Hope Aguirre’s popularity was at its lowest point. Less than a week ago, Hopey was attacked by a housewife with a “deadly” tupperware.

1 Countess Hope Aguirre stroking her hair – 2 wearing a helmet – 3 protesting against IVA – 4 praying to Allah – 5 waving her abanico – 6 simply smiling

As Countess and Grandee of Spain, Hopey will have no problem to live with the high standard of living she likes


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