Another mass demonstration against budget cuts and government lies

When Mariano came to power, he did it by promising a few changes in the situation of Spain. Noting new in political’s behaviour until now. The problem is that from the very beginning he started to do exactly the opposite of what he has promised hundred on times before winning the presidency. Now many social organizations in Spain claim this has been all planned: Partido Popular won the elections consciously lying about their real intentions. The proof is that the country is much worse than when PP came to power, and most of the actual situation is due to their decisions, even they’re still blaming last President (ZP) for the decisions he made, when the truth is since PP is in Government they’ve managed to do it worse than ZP (if that was posible..)

Madrid 09/15/2012

Yesterday, workers and unemployed people from all across Spain gathered in the capital, Madrid, to demonstrate against government lies, and asking for a referendum to decide if the country needs(or not) to ask for a bailout. The controversy is even at the level of the disagreement about how many people went to the manifestation: the Spanish Regime says no more than 70.000 people, when sources from the police and the conveners talked about several hundreds of thousands of protesters. The protesters included police, firemen, social workers, public servants, unemployed people, teachers,health workers etc…they came from all across Spain in dozens of buses prepared for the event. In a country with a democratic tradition as brief as Spain, a referendum on this issue (or about the territorial conflicts in Catalonia and the Basque Country) could do much to improve coexistence. The problem is that this is not at all a priority for the Spanish Regime.

Several people were arrested during the demonstration yesterday


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