The tribulations of Mary Pains from Cospedal

Mrs. Mary Pains from Cospedal wearing her mantilla

Her last (populist) proposal has been aproved at the Regional Parliament of Old Castillia. Now the Members of the Parliament will not earn any money for their jobs as the elected charges they are.

That’s not a problem if your husband is one of the richest bussinessmen in town and you live in a 2,300.000€ palace,( like is the case of Mrs. Mary Pains), but for all those people who give up their job to give full time dedication to policy, people start to think that what Mrs. Mary Pains from Cospedal really wants is NO oposition at the Regional Parliament, so nobody will be able to argue about her new regime of private non-free hospitals and private non-free schools. Of course she, and most members of her party, no need any extra payroll, they already earn much more with their own private business, but what’s gonna happen to honest Members of the Parliament?


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