New facelift for the Spanish royal family


“my bald head itches” says JC

After the infamous “Elephant incident“, the “Froilan furtive shots” and the fraud scandal of the Dukes of Palma, image consultants of the Spanish royal family have designed an ambitious facelift plan: first they sended the Queen to Philippines, the King himself asked for sorry in a very emotive brief declaration in all TV channels, Prince Philipo appeared in many events related to business and finances (always good for the country), and they all have been seen much more than often in many sports acts and social acts.
If the popularity of the Spanish Royal Family had decreased in these last few years due to the Royal behaviour of some of their members, it seems this elaborated facelift plan is giving better results than Rajoy’s girl. (“Rajoy’s girl saga” was one of the most famous media events of the past years in the Spanish Regime)

People has now forgotten those elephants hunts in Botswana and those fraud scandals, and things are back where they were thanks to their efforts in the media. The press officer of the Royal Household has given several interviews in recent days (something not very usual in the Spanish regime) to promote the new look of the Spanish Crown to the media. The people of Spain have thanked them with a brand new website where every Royal member’s got his/her own Royal profile, her own photoalbum etc.. included, of course, the Dukes of Palma… aren’t they cute?


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